Lärmaktionsplanung der Gemeinde Merchweiler

Lärmaktionsplanung der Gemeinde Merchweiler

Due to the EU Environmental Noise Directive and the implementation in national law in §§ 47 af of the Federal Immission Control Act, a concept must be drawn up to prevent, prevent or reduce harmful effects and nuisance caused by ambient noise.


First of all, noise maps must be drawn up in which the volume of traffic on the road sections concerned is documented. Afterwards, noise action plans of the 1st and 2nd stages are to be drawn up. In the event of significant developments in the noise situation, at the latest every 5 years, these noise action plans must be reviewed and revised if necessary.


A level 1 noise action plan for main roads with a traffic volume of more than 6 million vehicles per year, including the BAB 8 federal motorway, was not drawn up due to the low level of impact.


The Level 2 Noise Action Plan, in which all main roads with a traffic volume of over 3 million vehicles per year are taken into account, came into force in December 2014 with the participation of the public and the council of the Merchweiler community.


Following the level 2 noise action plan, an update was carried out based on the results of the 2017 noise mapping and described in the noise action plan of the 3rd round.


The following streets are affected in the municipality of Merchweiler:

·         A 8

·         L 112

·         L 127

·         L 128

·         L 129

Compared to level 2, the road section of the L 112 from the L 129 junction to the southern municipal border was also taken into account in the mapping of the 3rd round.


In the impact analysis it was  found that the noise index in the 3rd round compared to level 2 fell by 12.83% for the day-evening-night level L DEN and by 15.41% for the night level L Night. However, a change in the noise index of less than 20% is not considered to be significant.


For this reason, a detailed revision of the level 2 noise action plan was not necessary. The noise reduction plan listed there was adopted in the third round noise action plan and will be followed up.


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